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Cassettes > Kic' Along With Stompin' Tom - Cassette
Kic' Along With Stompin' Tom - Cassette

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  1. The Hockey Song
  2. Jenny Donnelly
  3. To It And At It
  4. Tribute To Wilf Carter
  5. The Coal Boat Song
  6. Zakuska Polka
  7. Margo's Cargo
  8. Red River Jane
  9. Luke's Guitar
  10. The Consumer
  11. Muckin' Slushers (A Damn Good Song For A Miner)
  12. Muk Luk Shoo
  13. Handy Man Blues
  14. (The I Don't Know How To Fix The Damn Thing Blues)
  15. Okanagan Okee
  16. Song Of The Irish Moss
  17. Rita MacNeil (A Tribute)
  18. Wreck Of The Tammy Anne
  19. Don Messer Story
  20. Black Donnelly's Massacre
  21. Believe In Your Country